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Do you manage a grocery store, bar, deli or brewery? If you're interested in carrying a delicious Philadelphia classic, place an order with MJD Distributors. From tomato pies with cheese to vegetarian pies, we carry several delicious products that your customers will love.

Contact us today to try a sample of our old-fashioned tomato pies in Langhorne, PA, Bucks County, PA & Northeast, PA.

Order your Phillies and Eagles full sheet pies at any of my locations listed below!

  • Shoprite of Morrell plaza Roosevelt Blvd
  • Shoprite of Yardley
  • All 4 McCaffrey's Markets in PA
  • Lou's Market Dale's Deli
  • Trenton Road Take Out LA Stalla Market


  • Mccaffrey's of Doylestown
  • Mccaffery's of New Hope
  • Mccaffery's of Newtown
  • Mccaffery's of Yardley
  • Mccaffery's of Princeton
  • Mccaffery's of West Windsor
  • Shoprite of Yardley
  • Shoprite of Aramingo Ave
  • Shoprite of Harbison Ave
  • Shoprite of Morrell Plaza
  • Shoprite of Roosevelt Blvd
  • Styre's Orchard
  • Shadybrook farms
  • Trenton Road Take-out
  • Geromes sausage Co.
  • Philly Style Soft Pretzel
  • Lou's Market
  • Dale's Deli

Dig into our delicious tomato pies

  • Original old-fashioned tomato pies
  • Tomato pies with cheese
  • Vegetarian pies
  • Spinach pies
  • Round pizza pies
  • Sweet Pepper pies
  • Eggplant pies
  • Bruschetta pies
  • Hot Pepper pies

We know you'll tase the difference when you bite into one of our tomato pies. Place an order today and start carrying our famous pies.

Taste the difference

We take pride in selling the most delicious tomato pies to grocery stores, bars, delis, breweries, and farmers markets across the Langhorne, PA area. You'll appreciate that:

  • We have over 35 years of experience
  • We sell pies made with the freshest dough, the best quality cheese and tomatoes
  • We provide exceptional customer service

We have no doubt our tomato pies will fly off your shelves. Reach out to us today for more information on how you can start carrying our old-fashioned tomato pies.